Monday, December 28, 2015

The Story so far…
Chuck’s homemade topwater bass&pike lure
I had an idea to carve and make my own topwater bass lure in late September 2015. My only thought was that it would be very satisfying to someday maybe catch a fish on a lure I made.
-On September 27th, 2015 we decided to take the kids to Chain o lakes and go canoeing for the day. I thought it would be fun to take my fishing gear along, just in case. I also thought it would be a good chance just to check the action on my homemade lure(I didn’t expect much, considering it was not painted at all). We reached Bowen lake and I decided to start fishing. I still had a popular surface lure on my line from the time I went fishing before. I had cast that lure over a dozen times with no hits and felt I could at least check the action on my unpainted lure since the fish weren’t biting. On the second cast, I experienced a shocking topwater hit and landed the bass. I was absolutely surprised and got several more hits and another landed bass. I was very encouraged, but thought it might be a fluke.
-September 30th , 2015. Went fishing with Dad on Big Long Lake in LaGrange county Indiana. Weather conditions were horrible in my recollection. Winds at 20mph gusts, 54 degree and bright sun…not what I usually like to fish in. Dad was using plastic worms and surface lures, I was using my lure(still unpainted). At 8am He had caught 3 bass and I had caught just 1. we agreed to one more hour of fishing and there would be a contest as to who could put more bass in the boat by 9am. At 9am, the score was Dad 3…me 12…and that’s when he asked if I could make a lure for him.
-October 7th , 2015. Another day on Big Long with Dad. I decided I wanted to keep track of all hits and landed fish with my lure that morning. Calm conditions, fog…57 degrees. Landed 8 bass and a 26” northern pike with more than 30 topwater strikes…another good day for the unpainted lure.
October 14th, 2015. Big Long Lake. Both Dad and myself fishing with the lure. We landed over a dozen bass and Dad gets a 28” northern.

By now the boat is being put up and I decide to take my fishing to Lakeside pond, a city pond in Fort Wayne. I have fished this pond for many years and not caught anything but small bluegills…actually, mostly nothing. Over the past week on three occasions I caught three 15” Largemouth bass on the still unpainted lure. Many people who passed by while I was fishing this pond did not even believe that there were any fish in the pond. This pond does receive a lot of fishing pressure due to it location in the city, so I was excited that I could “fool” a street smart bass!

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