Friday, January 1, 2016

Lure prototype giveaway and contest!
I am looking for ten fisherman to be lure testers for Topwater Sniper. The contest will begin March 31st and end on October 31st 2016.
If you are chosen to be an official Topwater Sniper lure assesor, you will receive 2 prototype TWS "bullet" surface lures free of charge. As an official assesor you will be challenged to fish this lure and determine through your skills as a fisherman it's strengths, weaknesses, and effective methods related to catching fish.
There will be competition and prizes involved in this contest with the ultimate prize going to the 2016 TOP SNIPER. This gifted fisherman will be awarded this title from among the 20 lure testers because they have exhibited the most proficiency with the TWS Bullet.
Do you have what it takes?

In the very short time I have used this lure, it has produced extraordinary results. I would like to see what else it can do around the country!

Very soon I will be choosing candidates from information sent to my email by anyone who is up to the challenge.

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