Wednesday, February 3, 2016

            CONTEST UPDATE FEB. 3
I am looking for a total of 10 competitors to participate in the TOP SNIPER CONTEST for 2016. There are 2 competitors so far, Tim Miller and Randy Deremer. Official start time is the last full week of March 2016, when lures will be distributed to the competitors. Full contest rules are available in the Contest Details page. 
1. there is absolutely no cost to competitors. If you love to fish and love to compete, this contest is for you!

2. If you are an official competitor, you receive 2 free TWS BULLET top water lures and, depending on your success(see contest details page), you could win a gift card and be in the running for the grand prize of a $250 gift card(keep in mind there are only 10 competitors).

3. Why am I doing this? My Dad and I have had incredible success with this lure and I want to find out if other fisherman can fish this lure successfully as well. I am hoping the results of this field testing will yield valuable insight and information regarding this lure, as well as the future marketing of the TWS BULLET.

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