Friday, March 18, 2016

              SUMMARY OF CONTEST
I have had a few contestants ask for a summary of the contest...

First the story, then the particulars of the contest.
Last sept. 29th, I fished my homemade top water lure for the first time. In short, it outperformed every other store bought top water lure in my tacklebox. I fished it all of October and caught bass and pike where I have never caught them before. It was remarkable. I am a bread route salesman and work 60 hours a week. I have a wife and 4 daughters, so I don't get to fish as much as some people. I wanted to test this lure with other fisherman to see if they had similar results, so I decided to start a contest. I am hoping my lures will prove effective so that I may sell them in the future.
The contest:
I have 10 competitors from IN,OH,MI and TX. As a competitor, you will receive 2 free lures (shipped out March 30th). The way to do well in the contest is to send pics of legal size fish you have caught with my lure. The pic must at least show the fish with the lure in it's mouth, however, a pic with the lure,the fish, and the fisherman all together would be best. The contest goes all season long...until October 31st, 2016.

There are 2 grand prizes of a $250.00 pre-paid visa card awarded to the "top Sniper"(1 prize for the northern region and 1 prize for the southern region). This title will be given to the competitor that shows the greatest proficiency and success with the lure.
There is one $50.00 pre-paid visa card awarded to the contestant that catches the biggest bass.
There is one $50.00 pre-paid visa card awarded to the contestant that catches the biggest pike/muskie.
A $10.00 gift card is awarded to any contestant that sends me 5 fish pics as described above (one time award).
A $25.00 gift card will be awarded to the contestant that sends me the most fish pics as described above.
I hope you can see that there is nothing to lose and much to gain from this contest. There is only a maximum of ten competitors, so everyone has a good chance to win!
I will attach a photo of a bass I caught with this lure so you may see what I mean when I describe an acceptable photo for the contest. By the way, this is an unpainted lure in the pic, competitor lures will be hand painted by me in a frog and bluegill pattern.
If you are interested in participating in the contest, shoot me an email at

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