Wednesday, April 27, 2016


4-27-2016 fishing report

I went to lake Wahk-Shin-Gah this morning, a 20 acre impoundment in Huntington Reservoir. I have not been to this lake in over 15 years, but since my dad couldn't go fishing on my day off today, I decided to go here by myself. It was all shoreline fishing and the weather conditions were brutal. Temp.-45 degrees, wind-20 mph, and low cloud cover. I fished exclusively with the TWS BULLET bluegill pattern...and the bass couldn't get enough of it! I caught 13 largemouth in the 15"-16" range, lost 8-10 bass, and had dozens and dozens of strikes. Most of the strikes this morning were explosions...with some bass coming halfway out of the water when they hit the lure.
Since last fall, I had often wondered if this lure would do well in the spring...guess I have my answer now! Most bass were caught in 3-5 feet of water, some very close to shore.
Today's good fortune has earned me 13 points in the top sniper contest(although my score doesn't really count). I want all the competitors to know that in one good day of top water can put up some big numbers!!!

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