Wednesday, May 18, 2016

"STINGER FROG" a new x-lure by topwater sniper

Lake Wahk-Shin Gah's aquatic vegetation has grown so much as to produce large areas of unfishable water...unless you go weedless. I am trying to solve this problem by creating an x-lure I call the "stinger frog". The bottom of the lure is carved like the hull of a boat, weighted with a nail, and armed with a single hook on top. Initial trials were great for attracting attention and multiple blow-ups...but I had a hard time setting the hook. Had some really big strikes and it was so exciting to fish those areas, but I need to work on getting a better hookset. The bass in the picture was finally caught on the stinger frog after 4 other bass blew up it during the same cast!

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