Sunday, May 8, 2016

VIDEO LINK to "How to Fish this Lure"

I wanted to share information with competitors and newcomers the Topwatersniper fishing method as I have discovered so far.
1. Click on the video link to learn the "ideal" method in fishing this lure. There is a cadence involved in the "ideal" presentation of this lure. It may take a good deal of practice to get it down.
2. I have found that targeting flats with vegetation and drop-offs are good hunting grounds.
3. With this method, you are targeting aggressive fish. It is up to you, the fisherman, to scout potential ambush predator fish hang-outs...and present them with a tempting target. Use your skills with the rod and reel to put "life" into the lure.
4. Keep your eyes on the lure and surrounding water. Be ready when the fish explodes on the ready when a fish subtly slurps the lure under the water's surface...and prepare yourself when you see a tell-tale wake from a hungry fish behind the lure. I have experienced all of these reactions.

                                I am invested in your success...when you succeed, I succeed!

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