Saturday, May 21, 2016

What I have learned about the Sniper Method...
Over this past month of fishing I have learned a few things about the Topwater Sniper Method of fishing and I wanted to share this with anyone that is using or will use the "Sniper" lure.

1. Stealth is key. Generally...just as a real sniper, you get one shot in an area. I have found that if you get a strike and miss the fish, it normally doesn't strike again on an immediate subsequent cast. Come back to that area later after things have settled down. However, if you notice there are many bass in that area, subsequent casts may often work.

2. Just as a real sniper, shot placement is also key. Because you may only have one shot, accuracy with your cast is crucial. Pick your spot, plan your cast and retrieve. For example, yesterday I went to a lake and was fishing from shore. Weed overgrowth in the lake is terrible. I arrived about 9:30 a.m. and it was cloudy and calm. I came across a small cove with cattails bordering the shore and thick weed and algae carpet 20 feet from shore. There was a small window of clear shallow water in between. I planned to quietly move up to the cattails and find a spot to cast from. I then thought there may be a bass or two hanging out in the cattails and/or weed carpet waiting to ambush prey. I found my casting spot, got a good cast in that would give me about 8 feet in which to work the lure before it got snagged in the weeds. As the lure dropped in, I paused a second and then popped the lure in a zig zag motion...after about 2 feet of retrieving, I noticed a wake streaking in toward the lure from the weed carpet...WHAM!!! He blew up on it and I hauled in the first bass of the day...on the first cast of the day!

3. Now that I've shared what the Sniper lure is...I'll tell you what it's not. It's not a magic lure, you can't just cast it out anywhere and anytime...and expect fish to jump in the boat (like the banjo minnow...ha ha). It's a that I mean the fisherman is trying to fool a fish into trying to eat a piece of wood or plastic instead of real prey. Obviously, it takes a lot of practice and skill to fish this way, as opposed to using nightcrawlers or minnows.
It's not the only way to catch bass and pike...but it is the MOST FUN way to catch them!
I believe this lure is the most effective way to fish top water...and it's a complete BLAST!!!

I would love to hear any comments, suggestions, and analysis any of you have for me...            GOOD LUCK!!!

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