Monday, June 27, 2016

Logan of OH keeps consistently putting up numbers... does Terry from TX...
...And I have put a few up myself...
...And speaking of Numbers...
Between Logan of OH, Terry from TX, and myself
we have fish pics like these(and bigger) of over 150 bass!!!
All were caught with the Topwater Sniper lure!
Anytime you get a bass on top water is exciting...
but when you're in the right place at the right time,
catching a dozen or more on top water is INSANE!!!
A few tips I'd like to share to possibly increase your success...

1. This time of year, sunrise and sunset are optimal top water times.

2. Target aggressive fish in weed flats, drop-offs, and weedlines.

3. experiment with different retrieve speeds...slow, fast, pop-pop-pause.

4. Don't be discouraged! It took my Dad several fishing days to get it right...
now he's a pro!

5. Believe in this lure...150 bass can't be wrong!

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