Friday, June 24, 2016

Terry's Email regarding this outing...


Jun 23 (1 day ago)

I was near a local park with a pond earlier and it was fixin to start raining so I stopped in to see what would happen. This pond is real shallow, real clear, and the bass are so spooky that it's just dang near impossible to catch them and a good day would be one bass.
I've fished a sniper lure in there once before and had one small fish hit and miss and another one swirled at it.
Today however it started raining pretty hard when I got there about 11:30, and the bass where really active. I had a lot of hits and one biggun about four pounds jumped up in the air behind the bait and crashed down right beside it, but they where all missing due to all the rain drops hitting the surface and distorting their view I think. I really didn't know there where that many bass in the pond, but I knew there where some good ones in there.
Anyway,  the rain slowed down to a sprinkle and the sun popped out, so they slowed down a bit, but I still managed to catch five bass and lost one right at the bank that would have went five pounds for sure. I was heartbroke when I gave him a hard pull to come up over the grass around the edge of the pond and the bait flew past my head. The last one I landed had gotten wrapped around something out in the water and I fiddled with him for about fifteen minutes before he finally unwrapped himself and let me catch him. I thought for sure I was gonna have to break the line and lose him and the lure. He would jump and take line and swim every which direction until he finally wore out and was just sittin there with his back out of the water and turtles where starting to gather around him. I pulled a few times just to where the line was fixin to snap and just as I thought it was fixin to break, he came loose and let me catch him. He was so tired hat he didn't swim off for a long time when I let him go and I would move him back and fourth in the water trying to revive him, then finally he flounced and shot out of there like a rocket.
I am gonna try to get back there when the rain starts again when I can, and work other areas of the pond and get me some more points.
That was really fun.
That's some nice ones you and your dad been catching. I read about the one that broke his line near the snap swivel. I'm surprised y'all use a swivel on the baits. I would have trouble keeping them on the surface if I used a swivel I think. As it is I always cinch the knot tight and pull it in a downward direction to get the pulling point as low as possible, so the nose of the bait will tend to stay higher when working it.

Sam Rayburn was tuff. The boys wound up finishing 24th out of 320 teams so they did pretty good overall but it only took right at twenty seven pounds to do that which is kind of low for Rayburn, but the fishing was just tough. Logan lost a six pounder that would have put them in the top ten, and broke his line on another one that went under the boat.
I could not fish at all in this one because it was the championship, and after watching them fish for two days straight, I really been wanting to fish, and today at the park with the sniper lure was just what I needed.
The suns out and pushing a hundred degrees now, but we  have a chance of rain every day this week again. I've never seen the likes of all the rain we just keep getting. Yesterday it rained so hard the parking lot at the store down the road was flooded. We need a break.
Here's the pics though. I was just letting you catch up a little closer to me in points, but I think you got close enough for now, I'm fixin to get busy and stretch out my lead a bit. I'm just not too comfortable with you being within thirty points of me, so I gotta fix that and get like fifty points ahead of you so I'll have a little cushion there between us then focus on one big enough to take the big bass prize, and get some video of the sniper lure in action too.
I wish I didn't have to work so much!

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