Sunday, July 24, 2016

This is the first lure that started it all in September of last year. I hand carved it just to see if I could maybe someday catch a fish on it. After casting a popular brand name popping lure a dozen times on a lake at 2pm...I decided to check out the action on my untested lure. On the second cast I caught a bass, and then another. Then, throughout October and into November I used this same (still unpainted) lure to catch dozens of bass and a few pike ( I live in northern Indiana ).
This is my Dad with a nice pike caught on my Sniper lure in October 2015.
Over the winter I created a contest to test the lures out. Each competitor received 2 free lures. There is a northern division and a southern division. Each division consists of 5 competitors and are competing for $250.00. It is a point system based on numbers and weight of fish caught.
All Topwater Sniper lures are hand carved, hand painted, clear coated, and assembled by me.
...and now you know what a Topwater Sniper Lure is!!!!

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