Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Dad gets a nice one today from  Big Long lake!!!
Good action today with cloud cover and schooling bass...
I got a pike and several bass...FUN, FUN, FUN!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

I had a chance to get to Wahk-Shin-Gah late this morning...and I'm glad I did!
Good cloud cover and rain on the way made for great Snipin' conditions.
Had some great strikes...nearly heart-stopping, in fact!
There's nothing like anticipating that top water strike...and then WHAM!!! the water erupts and the rod bends, what an epic way to catch bass!
I ended up landing 6 scoring bass, lost a few...and had probably a dozen bass just miss the lure on the strike...a good day's action!
Top Water...the only way to bass fish...well, the BEST way!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

On Big Long lake and lakes similar to it...young bass are schooling this time of year. I have noticed bass busting the surface chasing baitfish. This is Sniping at it's core! I wait until I see the bass busting after prey and I cast my Sniper lure right into the feeding frenzy...WHAM!!! They just can't help themselves...easy pickins! Loads of fun too!!!
Typical schooling bass size...tasty!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Randy from IN just got out for the first time to use the Sniper lure on Tuesday. On his second cast, he jerked the bait and then turned to his fishing partner to continue the story he was telling him. When he turned back to look at the lure, all he saw was a swirl...and no lure! He pulled the rod back to set the hook and the 3+ pound bass started jumping and fighting!
Now that's an introduction to Snipin'!!!
Randy caught 5 more bass...all on the Sniper lure. He told me today that even though he had other poles rigged up with his go-to lures (spinnerbait, silver minnow, crankbait, etc.) the only lure he caught any fish on was the Sniper. He told me that he threw the other lures just as much as the Sniper.
I had resolved early on that the only lure I would fish with this season would be the Sniper...and I have held true to that...catching more than 70 bass and 4 northern pike...all topwater!!!
86 degrees
4:30 pm
calm winds
gravel pit pond
2' to 3' deep

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Well, it was a good vacation...lots of fishing and fun with the family.
A good amount of top water action on the Sniper Lure...not as much as in the Spring and Fall, but I still caught 3 northern pike and 9 scoring largemouth bass for a total of 18 points for the trip. I also caught my personal best Big Long Lake bass at 2 pounds 8 ounces. Which is important because it tops my dad's bass earlier this summer at 2 pounds even! So...I have braggin' rights over my long time fishin' buddy. The northern pike were just insane when they hit the lure...they were like torpedoes and missiles! Huge, sudden, and violent strikes!
The interesting thing was...I caught many of my scoring fish right off the dock!
We would all be watching TV and I would walk out to the dock during commercials and throw a few casts. The cool thing was when I would catch something good, I would walk up to the patio door and see their expressions when they saw what I just caught...very fun indeed!
I LOVE TOP WATER FISHING!!! it needed to be said...ha ha

Friday, August 5, 2016

The pike up here at Big Long Lake are masters of the aerial attack. they spot their prey from below and make an attack from the side by coming out of the water and slamming down on the lure from above, jaws open!!!
A whole lotta FUN!!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

One of my daughters, who is very competitive decided she wanted to be an honorary Sniper in the contest. So I took her out this morning and she battled this bass all the way to the boat. By the way, she also hand painted this Sniper lure by herself!!!
I'm a proud papa!

This nice bass was Sniped at Toledo Bend by Terry from TX!
Toledo Bend is a 185,000 acre  man-made reservoir located between Texas and Louisiana.
It is the largest in Texas, the largest in the south, and the 5th largest in the U.S.
Bass have been Sniped this year in lakes, rivers, ponds, and reservoirs...there is no place to hide!!!

Monday, August 1, 2016

The whole family was out on the pontoon relaxing, sunbathing, and playing trivia games. I decided to throw a few casts while answering trivia questions...when WHAM!!! 8 feet from the boat this 2 pounder slammed the sniper lure and I about lost my balance because I was not expecting anything, especially since it was noon and bright just never know!