Thursday, August 11, 2016

Randy from IN just got out for the first time to use the Sniper lure on Tuesday. On his second cast, he jerked the bait and then turned to his fishing partner to continue the story he was telling him. When he turned back to look at the lure, all he saw was a swirl...and no lure! He pulled the rod back to set the hook and the 3+ pound bass started jumping and fighting!
Now that's an introduction to Snipin'!!!
Randy caught 5 more bass...all on the Sniper lure. He told me today that even though he had other poles rigged up with his go-to lures (spinnerbait, silver minnow, crankbait, etc.) the only lure he caught any fish on was the Sniper. He told me that he threw the other lures just as much as the Sniper.
I had resolved early on that the only lure I would fish with this season would be the Sniper...and I have held true to that...catching more than 70 bass and 4 northern pike...all topwater!!!
86 degrees
4:30 pm
calm winds
gravel pit pond
2' to 3' deep

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